TextBox for Windows Desktop Settings Explained

  1. Use Control + Enter To Send Instead of Just Enter -If checked, Ctrl-Enter sends messages. If not checked, Enter sends messages. Clicking on Send always sends messages.

  2. Require Click to Mark Messages Read -If checked, messages are marked as read within the message list (right side) if not checked, messages are marked as read when a conversation (left panel) is opened.

  3. Open Messages Window With Unread Reminder -If checked, the main messaging window pops up when a new text arrives. If unchecked it will remain in the background.

  4. Keep Selected Conversation in Focus -If checked, the selected conversation will remain at the top of the conversation list during refreshes.

  5. Display MMS Attachments -If checked, MMS (picture) messages will be displayed within the message stream. If not checked, an icon will be displayed to download the picture (faster if unchecked)

  6. Unread Message Notification Reminder Interval -Determines the frequency that the reminder sound plays and message window pops up when there are unread messages.

  7. Message Notification Sound-Choose which sound will play when new messages arrive or reminders occur (computer must have speakers with volume up).

  8. Last Message Status Limit -Determines the number of conversations that are downloaded for evaluation of message status (In/Out/Failed) indicators and filters. Lower numbers use less bandwidth and load faster. If set to 0, indicators are not displayed.

  9. Unread Message Check Limit -Determines the number of previous text messages that are evaluated to see if any are unread. Lower numbers use less bandwidth and load faster. High volume users should use larger number.

  10. Enable Message Signature -If checked, information entered in the box below is added below each message. The signature counts against the 160 character limit, but can be manually deleted or altered while typing messages. Leave the ~ to differentiate between the message and the signature.

  11. Enable Dashboard Mode -This is a special mode for customers that need to monitor/interact with more than 1 telephone number. If checked, program will close and will need to be reopened. When reopened, settings 12-13  will be available and dashboard mode will open for entry of credentials for the numbers being monitored. From the dashboard, double-clicking on a number will open a message panel for that number.

  12. Dashboard Refresh Time Interval -Determines the frequency that the system checks for new messages for a group of numbers. Higher numbers use less bandwidth and the system operates more smoothly.

  13. Dashboard Notification Sound -Choose which sound will play if there are unread messages after a refresh (computer must have speakers with volume up).

Help -Opens this help information.

Save -Saves settings and returns to the program.