Auto Dealers & Repair Shops

Dealers - Sell More Cars!

These days everybody texts. Text enabling your existing business number opens up a modern and convenient way for buyers to initiate contact. By adding 'Call or Text' to your display ads, web ads and signs, you will get more leads and more sales.

You are spending good money promoting your phone number. Leverage that spending by making it do double-duty.

BHPH - Get Paid!

You know that these days, people don’t answer their phones, don’t check their voicemail and don’t check their email. With TextBox, your notifications and reminders will get seen!


Repair Shops - Save time and improve customer satisfaction!

  • Everybody texts these days. Text with your customers from your existing business telephone number using your computers and/or mobile devices.

  • Don't waste your time dialing and listening to rings, busy signals and long winded voicemail greetings and hoping your customers actually listen to their voicemail.

  • Don't interrupt your customers and waste their time for routine matters.

TextBox is a win/win! It's more efficient for you AND for your customers.

TextBox is a great tool for repair shops to quickly and efficiently communicate with their customers. Save valuable time. Stop interrupting customers.

Click here to see if your business telephone number can be text-enabled!