Two-way text messaging using existing landline phone numbers

Your Customers Want to Text Your Business...

Let Them!



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How It Works

Until recently, landline and toll-free phone numbers couldn't text.
Now they can have true two-way text conversations with business-class tools.

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Can your number be text enabled?

Most landline telephone numbers and toll-free numbers can be activated. Some VoIP numbers, and of course mobile numbers cannot.

If your number is eligible and verified, activating it is a simple process that only takes minutes.

If your number is eligible, the next step is to verify that your household or business is the owner of the number(s) to be activated. The simplest way is for us to call you at the number to verify it is yours. Alternatively, you can provide a copy of a phone bill that lists the number(s).

To get started with a risk free trial, just call or text us at 850.205.1111 or complete the contact form.

Who's Using TextBox?


Apartment Communities

Communicate with residents the way they prefer. Provide an easy way for prospects to make contact. (see more)

Sales & Repair Shops

Stop wasting your time and interrupting your busy customers. Sell more cars. (see more)


Adding 'Call or Text' wherever you promote your phone numbers WILL generate more leads.

Medical Offices

Appointment scheduling & reminders. Post treatment follow-up.

Many More Examples HERE