The list is really endless, but here are some typical examples...

  • Auto Dealers & Repair Shops - Sell more cars. Stop wasting your time and needlessly interrupting your busy customers by text enabling your dealership or repair shop's existing business phone number. (See More)

  • Apartments/Student Living - Communicate with your residents the way that most of them prefer... and expect. Get more leads by allowing prospects to call or text your community. Decrease delinquencies by texting friendly reminders to residents. (See More)
  • Veterinarians & Boarding Facilities - Communicate efficiently and effectively with your clients in the way that many of them prefer. Status updates, post-treatment notifications, appointment scheduling, immunization reminders. (See More)
  • Crisis Helplines/Hotlines - Getting those that need help to make that first contact is the most difficult yet most important step. Make it easy and non-threatening by opening up the text channel. (See Postcard)
  • Colleges/Universities - College age students overwhelmingly use text as their primary means of communications. Academic advisors and faculty can now communicate in the manner their students prefer.
  • Churches - Efficiently communicate with groups, committees, and volunteers. Announce prayer requests and special programs. Invite engagement during services. Text daily verses or inspirational messages.
  • Law Firms - When time is money, being able to quickly schedule, confirm, and reschedule appointments, request information, and answer questions is important.
  • Radio Stations - Better engagement with your listeners. Fewer interruptions for your on-air talent. Listeners text song requests, on-air contests, quick comments, feedback.
  • Staffing Agencies - Recruiters can quickly and efficiently reach candidates and associates to fill last minute openings and keep them better connected with clients and associates.
  • Advertisers - Anywhere you display your number, include 'Call OR Text' to increase the likelihood of starting a conversation with an interested prospect. Texting is much less intimidating than calling.
  • Day Care / After-school programs - Busy parents appreciate the ease of texting absence notifications or change of pick-up time/person.  Send billing reminders, snack and'special day' reminders, closure reminders.
  • Health Care - Appointment scheduling, rescheduling and reminders. Medication reminders.
  • Call Center Service/Support - Reduce hold times, abandoned calls and customer dissatisfaction by offering a text-support option. One operator can handle one simultaneous phone conversation; one operator can handle 5 to 10 simultaneous text conversations.
  • Salons - Conveniently and efficiently schedule, reschedule, and remind your clients of appointments using the number your customers already know.
  • Retail - Anything from product availability requests to customer service requests to feedback. Make it convenient for your customers to communicate with you in the way they prefer.
  • Restaurants - Reservations, text-ahead seating, your table is ready, to-go-orders, drink refills, general inquiries, feedback. Look around your restaurant and notice how many people are texting RIGHT NOW!
  • Realtors - Expand advertising and leverage the value of the number on your signs. Communicate with other realtors and team members.
  • Therapy Centers -  Clients can easily text appointment confirmations and cancellations. Office can pre-set appointment reminders.
  • Transportation- Cab/Car service scheduling, reservations, confirmations. After-school transportation service scheduling
  • Schools - Communicate with parents regarding absences and early pick-ups.
  • Field Sales/Service/Delivery Communications - Efficiently communicate with outside staff for schedules or questions.
  • Volunteer Organizations - Communicate with volunteers regarding meetings, schedule changes and need responses.
  • Valet Parking - Improve customer service with faster car retrievals and reduced wait time. Customer texts in valet requests and receives 'your car is ready' confirmation. 

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