Get Your Business Texting with TextBox

  • Reach New Customer Segments - Texting has become the less intrusive, more trusted and increasingly preferred way to communicate. Businesses can tap into this trend easily using a standard PC - which nearly all businesses use daily.

  • Keep Your Existing Business Number - There's no need to change the number you've advertised for years on business cards, directories, billboard or elsewhere. Business TexBox means true business texting with your existing published business number. Your PC will have the capability to "work like" a smartphone through your larger, familiar PC format.
  • Communicate More Efficiently - Would less noise, less confusion and less congestion on your existing phone system make life easier at your business? Business TextBox customers say "Yes!".
  • Increase Revenue AND Loyalty - Acquire new customers as you adopt their preferred communication method. Retain existing customers as you offer their preferred means of engagement. Get in front of the competition with Business Textbox. Don't be left behind.
  • FREE TRIAL - Not quite sure how this will work? Then try before you buy. See how much easier it is to manage your business with TextBox. Let's discuss your current communication methods to see how we can augment your departmental resources and improve efficiency. We'll set up a functional trial account that gets your business texting right away.

Click here to see if your business telephone number can be text-enabled.

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