Download Windows TextBox App

This app provides full capability to send and receive text messages and provides audible and visual notifications when new messages arrive. Currently v8.1.29.0

Download BETA Version Note: The full release version is above. This BETA version includes the latest features currently in development. We appreciate any feedback you may have.

Import Contacts from Excel

These instructions primarily talk about Excel but the same formatting concept applies to other spreadsheets or simple text files. We can also help you import larger and more complex lists.

Click Here for Settings Help

'Click To Text' Link Builder

TextBox Tutorial Videos

See TextBox in Action!  (01:09)

This example uses the Google Chrome browser. Other browsers may have slightly different dialogs (01:42)

Settings and their effect on the app (02:55)

Managing Contacts (01:46)

Groups allow simultaneous delivery to multiple contacts (01:25)

Save time typing frequently repeated information (1:36)

Simultaneoulsy monitor and use multiple active textbox numbers (6:24)