This app provides full capability to send and receive text messages and provides audible and visual notifications when new messages arrive. See Changelog for more information.

Download BETA Version Note: The full release version is above. This BETA version includes the latest features currently in development. We appreciate any feedback you may have. See Changelog for more information.

Mobile Apps: Search for TextBox in your favorite app store or choose one of the links here.


Click-To-Text Link Builder - This will allow you to create a link and/or a button. If the link is clicked from a mobile phone it will open the text messaging app on the phone, enter your TextBox telephone number and (optionally) pre-populate a message to be sent.

See TextBox in Action!  (01:09)

This example uses the Google Chrome browser. Other browsers may have slightly different dialogs (01:42)

Settings and their effect on the app (02:55)

Managing Contacts (01:46)

Groups allow simultaneous delivery to multiple contacts (01:25)

Save time typing frequently repeated information (1:36)

Simultaneoulsy monitor and use multiple active textbox numbers (6:24)